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Bliss- LDV diamond bracelet

Origin diamonds: Florence

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This dazzling tennis bracelet comprises 30 diamonds in the Leonardo da Vinci Cut (LDV). This unique and patented Brilliant cut is made only in Florence. The LDV- cut is similar to the Brilliant Cut and has 57 facets, but it follows the golden ratio crucial for Leonardo's paintings' beauty. Hence, the name Leonardo da Vinci cut. The Golden Ratio is also a principle inherent to countless mathematical wonders and myths, such as the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Fibonacci growth spirals, the flower of life, and many more. Genius Leonardo also studied these universal mathematical laws. 
This GIA-recognised diamond cut features several advantages, such as a better light reflection, a more sizeable appeal relative to the carat size, and the visible appearance of three stars. 
One can imagine feeling the bliss of eternity while wearing these LDV diamonds. 
Leonardo da Vinci diamond cuts are sporadic, sought after, and can reach record prices at auctions. Please allow 2–3 weeks for production.  

  • 30 diamonds of LDV cut, each weighing approx. 0.165 carats, totalling 5 ct. 
  • Colour is D, Diamonds are VVS
  • Face up-viewing is like 20-pointers (0.2 ct) of brilliant cut
  • Set in a handmade, 18k White Gold, Tiffany style tennis bracelet
  • Double lock closure