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Welcome to Noemi Diamonds


At Noemi Diamonds, we are experts in conscious Luxury, designed in Florence.

Our mission is to create unique, sustainable jewellery that blends timeless craftsmanship with modern ethics. Jewellery should manifest beautiful moments, once and for all, in our memories. The essence of our brand is "Benessere," which means well-being. We offer diamond and gold jewellery, viewing each gem and diamond as a natural work of art. Additionally, we specialize in creating bespoke luxury experiences.



Please celebrate with us our 10th anniversary!


This year, we mark 10 Years of Noemi Diamonds, which is a reason to celebrate. Our jewels are handmade in Amsterdam and Italy, so this is the year to launch some highlight events at their origin! 

We are proud to be in the middle of two historical centres of Fine Art, jewellery, and cultural tales, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and Florence, Italy. 

Both cities are UNESCO cultural heritage sites that continue to trigger visitors from all over the world. 

Starting in July 2024, we will offer exclusive events to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our boutique brand. 


Your luxury experience designer



Our founder and lead creative, Antje Noemi Paul-Kessel, studied Luxury management in Paris. She dedicated her first professional passion to gold smithing and jewellery design at the house of Van Cleef & Arpels. As a jewellery designer, she found inspiration in Tuscany and other places through countless (business) travels for high-end jewellery. A Florence and The Netherlands resident, she provides bespoke services in Amsterdam and Florence, meeting customers and friends, and sharing her passion of the regions and their culture. 

She is a connoisseur of splendid places, hidden gems, and wellness. 

With her natural talent for finding awe-inspiring locations, she is always excited to share her latest discoveries with you. 

Her jewel designs are inspired by the wonderful Tuscany, Italy, and particularly, the art and culture of Florence. 


Noemi Diamonds very rare Purple diamond ring



Curating unforgettable events


A jewel comes along with a beautiful moment, and often those are the moments we never forget. Besides jewellery, we think of creating more exceptional moments. For example, there are so many highlights in Tuscany to be enjoyed. From Yoga classes to Classical and Modern Art, and the touching voice of the opera singer Andrea Botticelli, we would like to surprise you. We curate a conscious selection, showcasing the quintessence of the Florentine and Tuscany soul. 



 credits (left): Yoga on the rooftop, Florence




Florence is the pulsing cultural heart and centre of the Renaissance. It is now en route to the magic triangle of modern Italian gold jewellery. This area spans the towns of Valenza, Vicenza, and Arrezzo as vivid production and design centres of the world's well-known, world-renowned Italian jewellery, showcased in Florence. But there is more to discover: medieval towns and treasures in Tuscany, monasteries and castles, the Chianti area for wine-tasting, and the Tuscany/ Versilia region to the West, which has woods, waterfalls, natural sources, beaches, and spas. Noemi Diamonds invites you to explore the wonderful jewellery and also the lifestyle of the city of Florence by day and night.




credits (left): Moralione, 1922



We are a jewellery brand profoundly caring for the "Benessere" = customers' well-being. A piece of diamond jewellery is a condensed moment of happiness, preserved forever. Whether for oneself or a loved one, most people remember when they purchased or received jewellery as highly emotional—the moment that stands out with its sensual experiences and pleasant surroundings, more often with a touch of well-being.
The Italian way of "Benessere" provides many options to connect with others and take life from the best side. Please read more about Benessere here:

You are welcome to join our newsletter to be notified about upcoming events. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Warm regards,

Antje Noemi Paul- Kessel

founder and owner





Noemi Diamonds is a trademark of iDress BV, Chamber of commerce of The Netherlands, KvK 51199351. Director is Antje Noemi Paul-Kessel.