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Benessere- Wellbeing


Benessere- The Italian Well-being lifestyle

This holistic concept is offered to you by Noemi Diamonds


Because we deeply prioritize our customers' well-being, we're excited to offer you the pinnacle of the Italian lifestyle through exclusive events celebrating our company's 10-year anniversary. Please read on about this philosophy. 



credits: "Spring/ Primavera", Sandro Botticelli, Galleria Uffici, (Florence, 1445-1510)

The concept of Italian Benessere, or well-being, is deeply rooted in Renaissance, and even more ancient traditions that trace back to Roman and even Greek times. It encompasses a holistic approach to health and happiness, resting on several key pillars. The Romans believed in "Mens sana in corpore sano", pointing to "a healthy mind in a healthy body."


I. The Mediterranean diet

This dietary approach emphasizes a sequence of dishes abundant in fresh vegetables, high-quality protein, and healthy fats, serving as the bedrock of physical nourishment.



II. Togetherness 

Social connections and the joy of being together with like-minded people, enhanced by the uplifting power of sound and music, foster emotional well-being.


credits (right): A tale from the Decameron, John William Waterhouse, National Museums, (Liverpool, 1916)


III. Spa

'Spa' is another word for the Latin phrase 'Salus per Aquam', meaning 'health from water'. Central to Tuscan Benessere are the numerous mineral water baths and springs scattered throughout the region, renowned since ancient Roman/ Etruscan times for their therapeutic properties. These mineral-rich waters, from renowned locations such as Saturnia, Bagni di Lucca, and Montecatini Terme, play a significant role in promoting health and relaxation.


IV. Botanical mix

Botanical ingredients and herbs, known for their healing and beauty benefits, are another cornerstone of this holistic approach.



V. Exercise 

Light physical activities like gymnastics, hiking, ball games, practised since Roman times, enhance physical vitality.

Fun fact to know: Emilio Pucci, a fashion designer from a noble Florentine family and founder of the Pucci label, had a lifelong interest in sports. Influential in the 1950s to 1970s, he rediscovered an ancient Roman garment depicted in mosaics that wrapped around the hips and bust for outdoor activities. He reinvented this garment as the bikini 2000 years later, and today, it has evolved into Yoga wear.



VI. Spirituality

 Spirituality is crucial for modern well-being, offering pathways to transcendence and purpose in life. In Italy, famed for its cultural richness, spirituality intertwines with daily life, providing avenues to explore profound experiences and connections beyond the self.

credits:The annunciation, Leonardo da Vinci, Galleria Uffici, (Florence, 1472-1475)


VII. Modern influences

Emerging trends have impacted the well-being offerings in Tuscany, introducing practices such as Ayurveda, healing gemstone therapy, yoga, and various mindful concepts. The use of quartz and other precious and semi-precious stones, and frequencies, harnesses the earth's natural energies for healing and balance. 


VIII. Conclusion

In summary, Italian Benessere embodies a holistic approach to well-being deeply rooted in ancient traditions and Renaissance ideals. From the Mediterranean diet to social connections, spa treatments, botanical remedies, exercise, and spirituality, each element contributes to a balanced lifestyle promoting physical vitality, emotional wellness, and spiritual growth. As modern influences continue to shape well-being practices, Tuscany remains a beacon of tradition and innovation, embracing emerging trends like Ayurveda and healing gemstone therapy. Noemi Diamonds is proud to offer an exclusive experience celebrating our 10-year anniversary, inviting you to explore the transformative power of Italian wellness with us.