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Refund Policy

1. Manufacturing Warranty and Repairs 

During five years of after-sales, the delivered item is covered by a warranty for the superior quality of our jewelry. Any repairs in this time are for free if the damage is not in the responsibility of the customer. In the unlike event of a necessary repair, the repair work is for free. The costs for returning the product and the repair work is free if the deficiency is related to manufacturing. In case there are circumstances caused by a customer, the buyer needs to cover all costs of it and cover the costs of shipment. The seller only accepts returns with the same shipment service or other of the sellers choice. Upon application, the seller will send a return slip. This measurement guarantees that the item will ship with full insurance coverage according to its value.

Any damages of the jewelry by impact are treated as repairs which the customer caused, unless the customer reports a damage of delivery on reception of the goods. This must take place by an email to the customer service, including a full documentation of the damage.

Loss or theft is not part of this warranty, and customers need to protect their jewelry from these events under their responsibility.


2. Modification, adaption or change of Jewelry

A customer may want after-sales an adjustment or modification of the jewelry ordered. Before sending the item back, the customer has the right to request a modification/ adaption offer. Both parties should discuss and agree on all changes and modifications by signing the offer. Only based on an agreement as described, the jewelry can be sent back by our appointed value transports. In most cases, the modification/ change has to be paid upfront by the customer.


3. Returns of Bespoke Jewelry or Bespoke Accessories

A part of Noemi. Diamonds jewelry collection is custom made (bespoke)/ finished on the moment of the individual order, especially for the customer according to his size and other preferences. For Bespoke jewelry items, the product description mentions the word "Bespoke". That makes that customers can't return a bespoke item. Customers wishing to return a bespoke piece can only apply for the purchase-back service in some instances, as described in Chapter Six.


4. General Returns of Jewelry 

Jewelry which doesn't mention the word "Bespoke" in the product description has a cooling-off period of two weeks. The expiration doesn't affect the manufacturing guarantee. The seller only accepts returns with the same shipment service or other of the sellers choice. Upon application, the seller will send a free return slip. The process of accepting the return of a jewelry product includes an investigation, whether the item is unused, unworn and in the original state without any alteration. Noemi. Diamonds charges the costs of the intake to the customer only in case the product has undergone alteration, change, wear or damage by the customer. Eventually, this amount can be 50 Euros and even more, depending on the necessary examinations. After successful completion of the investigation and confirmation of our experts, Noemi. Diamonds will pay the charge-back to the customer. In the opposite, if a product has been altered, exchanged or partially exchanged, or shows signs of wear or damage, Noemi.Diamonds will reject the return, and the customer will be charged with a) the costs of sending the item back before shipping it and b) the costs of the expert's examination. The new shipment and expert examination invoice have to be balanced upfront by the customer before Noemi.Diamonds sends the item(s) back to the customer. 


5. Return of Loose Diamonds

 Diamond as so-called hard assets (per definition an asset with a barrier to production, high value, limited availability, which can be used instead of money). They are investments with flexible day trading prices at the world diamond trade gates. Hence, Noemi.Diamonds handles a sales price of diamonds and a repurchase price. For Round Colourless Diamonds, the prices depend on the actual diamond prices of the day and availability thereof, as every diamond presents rare features. Fancy Colour diamonds and Fancy Shape diamonds are excluded from returns. Repurchase-prices are usually higher than sales prices. The buy-back price will be agreed on as soon as the customer announces within fourteen days to apply for a repurchase return procedure. Both parties pick a shipment date from a designated shipment service (usually the same as the diamond has been delivered with). Noemi. Diamonds will send a return slip after the customer confirms the repurchase- price plus the costs of the intake procedure. In the intake procedure, a diamond must be regraded by a renown lab such as GIA. The grading can take a variable time-span, usually from a couple of days up to three weeks. Only after the lab has reconfirmed the identity of the diamond, Noemi.Diamonds will reimburse the purchase- back amount to the customer by deducting the costs for the examination. Noemi.Diamonds must receive the return within two weeks or 14 days, counted from the day of reception at the customer. In the exceptional case that a return is accepted, Noemi.Diamonds can charge handling fees for the examination of the returned goods. 


6. Jewelry Repurchase- Service 

Customers can opt to start a repurchase-procedure of diamonds and precious metals in jewelry, which has been sold by our shop beyond the two- weeks cooling- off period. This option is not always available. The option is only available for jewelry items including diamonds which are meeting investment criteria (Round Brilliant | Colourless diamonds, Colour D-G, Clarity VVS+). It depends on our stock, the market situation and inventories. Diamond- gemstone- and precious metals prices, like gold, depend on the day-prices at world markets. If we decide to buy back the diamond(s)/ precious metals, we will provide an offer, based on actual market prices to the customer. A buy-back- /return procedure for diamonds and precious metals differs from returns of other goods. The customer must return the item without any changes or alteration. Therefore, we will analyze and evaluate every returned item. The costs for the buy-back- procedure (handling, regrading, an assay of metals, transport costs) will be charged to the customer upfront to starting the process. Customers must prepare for an amount of at least 50 Euros or higher, depending on the value of the items. In the unlike event that the item sent to us is found not to be the same as sold by us, the article will be returned to the sender. We reserve all rights for further legal measurements in case of an attempt of abusing our services for fraudulent purposes.

There is no obligation of our shop to respond to the wishes of customers to sell back their purchased items to Noemi.Diamonds. We reserve all rights to decline requests. Our customer service will, of course, strive to take care of any customer application to find the best solution and to show goodwill to loyal clients. 



7. Silk Products Returns

1. RTW- Silk- products

Silk products which are ready-to-wear can be returned within fourteen days to be refunded to the customer. Noemi.Diamonds will provide a free return slip on request. In case there are circumstances such as wear or damage caused by a customer, Noemi. Diamonds will reject the return and the buyer needs to cover the costs of shipments there and back. 

2. Running meter Silk Fabric

Silk Fabric by Running meter as well as Bespoke Fabric are excluded from returns. That doesn't affect the manufacturing warranty. 



8. Force Majeure 

Noemi. Diamonds is entitled to claim a delay or total suspensions of Services, including deliveries, charge-back or returns due to Force Majeure such as, but not limited to, Earthquakes, Pandemics, Terrorism, Radiation, Magnetic Fields, Climate Impacts of Scale, Fire, Lightning Strikes, Theft, War, Vandalism, Damaged Infrastructure, or, due to the effect of government restrictions, for hygienic reasons, Closed Buildings,Travel Embargoes, Interrupted Infrastructure, Shut-down of Marketplaces, Staff Health Protection Policy or inaccessible Delivery Services  or otherwise due to the protection of life with immediate impact on the supply/ delivery chain.