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Attention all jewelry owners!


Are you tired of having unused, outdated pieces of jewelry lying around collecting dust? It's time to turn those trinkets into treasure! At our shop, we believe that your old jewelry should bring you joy and financial benefits rather than just taking up space in your jewelry box.

By selling your jewelry with large stones to us, you'll not only be able to gain liquidity, but also make some good money in the process. Our team of experts will assess the value of your jewelry and offer you a fair price based on the current market. As a result, you'll be able to turn those unused pieces into cash in no time!

Not only will you be able to benefit from selling your jewelry, but you'll also be contributing to a circular business model. We aim to reduce overstock rather than push new production and promote sustainability in the jewelry industry. By selling us your old jewelry, we can give it a new life and reuse existing materials, thus contributing to a better world for future generations.


How does it work?


Selling your old jewelry with large stones (preferably natural diamonds, one carat+) or your branded watch has never been easier!

There are three simple steps to get started:

  1. Gather the necessary information: If you have a diamond report or a certificate of authenticity, make sure you have it available before you sell your jewelry. This will help us determine the value of your jewelry more accurately. Additionally, take a picture of your jewelry in North light, a type of indirect, neutral daylight ideal for capturing gems and diamonds' proper color and clarity. If you have a large stone without a certificate, don't worry because we will take care of it with an assessment in person.
  2. Get in touch with us: You have two options to sell your jewelry: send us the certificate and picture by email to the address provided below, or make an appointment to visit one of our offices. Our team of experts will then assess the value of your jewelry and offer you a fair price based on the current market.
  3. The final step in selling your diamond jewelry or watch is to receive a written offer from us. The offer is usually valid for 24 hours only. It is possible that, after expiration, the next bid will differ. 


Completing the transaction


Once you've received the offer, you have two options to complete the transaction:

  1. Send your jewelry by mail: If you're located outside our office reach, you can send your jewelry to us via our insured carrier services. It is a secure and convenient way to sell your jewelry, as your item will be insured during transit. Check the FAQ section to see which countries are covered by our carrier services. 
  2. Deliver the jewelry or watches in person: If you're in one of our office locations in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Florence, or Hamburg, you can deliver the jewelry in person. Our team of experts will be on hand to assist you, and you'll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the process.

Settlement of the transaction


Another benefit of selling your jewelry with large diamonds to us is that you'll have the money in your hands in no time. We understand that getting a quick cash return on their investments is essential for many people, so we aim to complete the transaction within the next business day. It means you'll have the money to put towards other investments, pay bills, or treat yourself to something special.

That's it! The process is simple and straightforward, and we'll ensure you receive a fair price for your jewelry. 


Good to know

At our shop, we prefer to purchase jewelry with large diamonds, specifically diamonds above one carat, because they deliver quick value for the owners. These diamonds are highly sought after in the market, and their size and quality make them more valuable. Additionally, having a certificate of authenticity for the diamond adds further to its value, as it confirms its characteristics, such as weight, cut, clarity, and color.

When you sell your jewelry with big diamonds to us, you can expect to receive a fair price based on the current market. Our team of experts will assess the value of your jewelry and provide you with an offer that considers all relevant factors, such as the diamond's size, quality, and certification. Also, branded watches like Rolex are more accessible to convert into cash. 


As an additional benefit, jewelry sellers will receive an extra appreciation by getting a special discount of 10% in our shop, and access to exclusive offers. It makes it possible to convert old jewelry into a new piece, something you like more and more suitable with your distinguished style.

 So why wait? Get in touch with us today and start turning your unused jewelry into cash!

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