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Diamonds and jewelry require individual insurance and care. Hence, we ship the precious goods with special transport services like Malca Amit from Antwerp, Belgium. We ship to overseas destinations like USA, Canada, UAE, and many more. Please check the table below if your destination is supported by our carrier. 

All items up to 1500 Euro to EU, US, CAN:
FedEx will deliver all items, including diamonds and jewelry with a value up to 1500 Euro to Europe, US or Canada with delivery within the next business day(s). 

Jewelry and diamonds more than 1500 Euro:
Malca Amit Belgium is a commodities transport company specialized in shipping precious items like Fine Art, diamond/ gemstones and jewelry. It handles all diamond and jewelry shipments higher in value than 1500 Euro with ultimate care. There is a limit for the value of the goods according to the destination. Malca Amit ships our items worldwide to the destinations as indicated in the table. To overseas, we charge an additional supplement for a customs/ diamond clearance +50€/ +65€, depending on the logistics of your jewelry item.

Cost of insurance: 
The shipping rate includes the cost of insurance.


 Table: Countries currently available for delivery of Jewelry/ Diamonds and shipment value limits as per destination 


Personal pickups:

Yes, it is possible to arrange a personal pickup on request at some locations. These locations are Antwerp, Liechtenstein, Florence, and Hamburg. However, all goods have to be paid before they change ownership. Furthermore, the full payment must be received before the final delivery if goods are only partially paid (e.g., bespoke items). 

The cost of transportation:

The cost of the transportation depends on three factors: the timing of the order fulfillment, the destination, and the value of the shipment. Green Zones are the cheapest, blue zones have the standard rate, and yellow zones are the most expensive locations for sending. 

The rates are automatically calculated at the checkout. 

A standard Europe rate with a sending before 1 pm would be between 37 Euros (for a value up to 5000 Euros) and 170 Euros (for a value of 75000 Euros). That is because of freight charges and insurances. 

A standard US rate with a fulfillment before 1 pm would be likewise between 56 Euros (for a value up to 5000 Euros) and 190 Euros (for a value up to 75.000 Euros). 

To overseas, we charge an additional supplement for a customs/ diamond clearance +50€/ +65€, depending on the logistics of your jewelry item.


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Personal advice

It is possible to book an online video conference for personal advice or to discuss an individual project. 

Please write a mail to 

 We will be happy to assist you with the realization of your jewelry dreams.