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Depending on the item, we deliver standard with FedEx/ Ferrari to Continental EU- Europe (excluding islands).

COVID- 19: Currently, our service Ferrari is out of reach. Orders for items priced above 1600 Euro need our written confirmation. 

Diamonds and jewelry require individual insurance and care.

All items up to 1500 Euro to EU, US, CAN:
FedEx can deliver all items, including diamonds and jewelry with a value up to 1500 Euro to Europe, US or Canada with delivery the other day, or as indicated in the product description when it is a bespoke item or when you have special wishes like personalization/ engraving.

Jewelry and diamonds more than 1500 Euro:
Ferrari Belgium is a commodities transport company specialized in shipping precious items like Fine Art, diamond/ gemstones and jewelry. It handles all diamond and jewelry shipments higher in value than 1500 Euro with ultimate care. Ferrari ships our items standard only to Mainland Europe destinations including Scandinavia. To US/ Canada/UK we have sometimes to charge an additional supplement for a customs/ diamond clearance +65€/ +35€, depending on the logistics of your jewelry item.

Cost of insurance: 
The shipping rate includes the cost of insurance.

Please enquire for the rates/ fees which are applicable to your particular request, if your destination is outside Europe.

Diamonds, higher in value than 1500 Euro, to international destinations, other than EU , UK, CAN, USA:

Orders for destinations outside the EU always need an extra confirmation from our logistics office.

The international shipment rates are available on request and depend on the items chosen. Depending on your address, the shipment will be performed by the specialized value transport services Ferrari, Malca Amit or Brinks. Depending on your address, we can charge a supplement for diamonds office +65€/ customs clearance +65€. 

We can eventually accept orders to eligible Tier 1 cities in foreign countries and we will calculate your shipment to your city accordingly. 


Countries currently available for delivery of Jewelry/ Diamonds


FERRARI (From value 1500 Euro and above)






Customs clearance +65€

Diamond office clearance +35€




Customs clearance +65€

Diamond office clearance +35€




Customs clearance +65€

Diamond office clearance +35€






Customs clearance +65€

Diamond office clearance +35€

















































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Noemi Diamonds can accept returns of jewelry within 30 days. We will gladly accept items that are unworn, unaltered and free from scratches and blemishes. Returns of sealed diamonds/ gemstones are possible within 14 days from the day of order. Our products must be returned in the correct way, as specified below. Bespoke items are excluded from returns. 

Customers have to consider the following conditions: 

 Conditions for returns:

  1. Requirements for products that need repair services. All goods leave Noemi Diamonds in perfect condition. In the unlike event that a product is damaged or needs repair related to the delivery or to product defects, Noemi will accept returns and cover the shipment and insurance costs of returning exclusively by their appointed services. The client needs to submit a repair inquiry, well- documented with pictures proving the unsatisfactory condition of the product. We need to receive this request a.s.a.p. after reception of the goods. After receiving and evaluating the information, we will provide a return label. Our shop experts will calculate the costs of repair. Repair costs for reasons which are beyond our liability will be quoted and have to be accepted by the client in the written consent. Customers must send the jewelry back in a special protective box (see article 9). They can also make an appointment in our shop in Antwerp to discuss repairs.
  2. Other returns: We will gladly accept items that are unworn, unaltered and free from scratches and blemishes. In the standard procedure, we have to physically receive the returned products within 30 days together with the original Noemi Diamonds invoice. Noemi Diamonds gemologists and jewelers will examine the jewel detailed and carefully. Is the state of the returned jewel/ diamond correct, the client will receive a notification about the acceptance of the return and the refund. In case the jewelry condition is not meeting our expectations, customers need to cover their shipment costs back to their address plus handling costs. Items which are not eligible for refund will be shipped back to the client as soon as the invoice for the new (insured) sending is paid.
  3. The procedure of returns: The cost of returning the item to Noemi Diamonds for reasons other than repairs as specified (article 1) is up to the client. It is mandatory to announce the return by email and to wait for a confirmation of Noemi Diamonds. The client will then receive an invoice for the insured sending, which he must pay before shipment. Noemi Diamonds will provide a return- label after the reception of payment of the shipment/ insurance costs. Noemi Diamonds will not accept returns in other ways than the one described here. Our appointed specialized freight services can only guarantee the secure and professional delivery of the goods. Customers can also make an appointment in our shop in Antwerp to deliver the goods.
  4. Conditions regarding returns of diamonds/ gemstones: Diamonds and gemstones are in a sealed case by one of the leading labs (GIA, HRD, AIG, IGI) or Noemi Diamonds seals them. The diamonds must remain sealed in an undamaged, original (lab) case and can be returned within 14 days. We will not accept diamonds and gemstones with opened or damaged seals. Returns not meeting this condition will be declined, and the diamond(s) will be sent back on the expenses of the customer. The client has the right to ask for the sealing of the lab after the purchase without additional costs. After Noemi Diamonds receives the lab- sealed diamond in good order and perfect condition together with the original invoice of Noemi Diamonds, the goods can be refunded to customers. 
  5. In cases of dispute, Noemi Diamonds reserves the right to submit the returned jewelry or diamonds/ gemstones for regrading to the GIA before refunding it. In motivated cases, a refund will depend on the result of the regrading. The refund will be on hold until we receive the result of the regrading which must provide a clear answer to all questions. We will base our final decision about disputes on the lab- grading. Before sending the item to regrading, we will contact the customer and quote the upcoming additional costs. The client needs to express his written consent to proceed. 
  6. Bespoke jewelry and designs individually developed for the client are not refundable. In case it is a bespoke item, this information is in the product description.
  7. Jewelry with Fancy Colour Diamonds is bespoke in many cases.
  8. Diamonds with Bespoke cuts are excluded from returns. In case it is a bespoke item, this information is in the product description. 
  9. Personalized jewelry is eligible for a partial refund in exceptional cases:  Engraved items, diamond jewelry with individually adapted sizes, engagement and wedding rings with white/ colourless diamonds (also exceeding the return period of 30 days). We are not obliged to accept returns of personalized items. However, based on motivated applications, we can decide to make exceptions exclusively for items under 5000 Euro. Customers can not refer rights to the goodwill of Noemi Diamonds. In case we decide to allow a refund for personalized items, we will always deduct the costs of personalization and recovery from the refund amount (e.g. engraving, size adaption, examination, restoration, handling, buy-back price). We will send a quote to the client for the amount of reduction and a proposal for a refund. A return of a personalized item needs an agreement between the client and Noemi Diamonds before sending the item back and accepting the return. As a part of the contract, the return policy, as explained in article 1-8, is applicable.
  10. Secure delivery of returns: In case you wish to return an item, Noemi Diamonds will provide you with an unbranded return box. Our protection box makes sure that your item will reach us most securely.