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Buddha Garden diamond bracelet

Origin diamonds: ESG reporting mine

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A breathtaking diamond bracelet with a unique, sturdy Buddha diamond in the centre offers to be your best companion from dusk to dawn. A circle of small diamonds beautifully frames the Buddha motive. Enchanting side diamonds flank the graceful diamond halo. This jewel is a gift of heaven for heart and soul on a path of enlightenment. It is as meaningful as spiritual at the same time. 

  • Different sizes and qualities of the Buddha Diamond, please choose
  • Higher sizes in carat or sizes in between are available on request
  • 0.6 Round Brilliant diamonds side/ halo- stones, D-G, VVS+
  • Handmade in Antwerp
  • White Gold 18 k
  • Bespoke Design | Cut patented by The Buddha Diamond Company