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Esjana- Fancy Intense Blue Green & Pink Argyle diamond ring

Origin diamonds: ESG reporting mine (White) and N.N., Argyle mine, Western Australia

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This is a bespoke product.

A double halo ring with a powerful contrast colour- show of blue-green and pink. The colour intensity ebbs away towards the outer halo, to make a place for the first halo around the radiant diamond which is more intense pink than the subsequent one of very light pink. The Blue-Green diamond is framed by Argyle diamonds of a delicious ice-cream pink. 

  • The centre stone has a size of 1.05 carats
  • The diameter of the centre stone with double halo is at 1.68 cm
  • The double halo and side stones are 1.8
  • Handmade in Antwerp


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